Kind words


Björn Larsson

"Hans Brindfors’ strength is a keen intuition that allows him to rapidly identify problems and solutions. He combines deep business knowledge with a high degree of relevance in ways that are otherwise difficult to find in the Swedish market"

Ole Oftedal
CEO Fågelviksgruppen AB

"I have worked with Hans on a number of extensive marketing and promotional strategic concepts over the last 20 years. Linjebuss, rebranding and modernization of bus services and related public transportation. Fritidsresor, profile and market launches of brands within the travel, airline, and hotel businesses. Fågelviksgruppen, our new group name, new profile, positioning, and concentration of the number of brands for assorted cab companies. In addition to this we also collaborated on various projects and development projects in several smaller companies. Hans’ experience is unique within marketing, image, and design. He handles both the new digital and the more traditional world."

Anna Elam
CEO of East Capital's holding company

"Having Hans as our guide and inspiration and creative force when we developed our new brand for the East Capital group was a privilege. Thanks to him, in a short time we achieved a result that we are very pleased with—and, on top of it all, had a lot of fun all the way!"

Ola Lindell
Inter IKEA systems

"Hans has an ability to see the whole picture and to always put the current assignment into a bigger perspective. He also possesses a singular capacity to find new, young talents and allow them to be part of the game and really contribute. Seeing that Hans has a long history with IKEA, he also stands for a continuity and competence — guarantee that are attached to IKEA – How it has been done."

Peter Eklund
Author of Swedbank publication series
"Livet under eken" (Life under the oak tree)

"In front of the head office of Swedbank sits the bank’s own contribution to the trademark art: a giant coin, designed by Hans Brindfors, on its way down into a moneybox. The sculpture captures the banking operations in a single picture, from history to future. There is a sense of humor to it, an almost 13-foot-tall coin on its way into the ground is fun in a absurd way, like a frame in a comic book or a piece of art by Claes Oldenburg. It’s made of weathered steel that rapidly rusts to a beautiful color of chocolate/orange."

Lars Fins
CEO Blomsterboda AB

"I have been collaborating with Hans on various projects since 2000. Hans is extremely good at listening at and interpreting the brief that I as a buyer present at the beginning of each case. For my work with Coop, Axa, and above all else, Gooh ready meals and this year’s new venture, Blomsterboda, Hans has created timeless designs that survive the passing of time – which is one of his best qualities as a designer. Hans is a legend who continues to thrive on curiosity and playfulness in every project."